Kor Panes

These 5cm (2 inch) square texture ‘panes’ are made from black acrylic. They can be used to create smooth, crisp, almost 3 dimensional designs in any fine clay, Polymer clay, metal clay, or Porcelain. The KP-5 small texture ‘panes’ are a wonderful and easy way to create pendants, appliqué patterns, or to add unique textures to jewelry and clay creations. If you are a ceramic artist, use the texture panes to add designs to mugs, trays, bowls, or handles. If you work with polymer clay or metal clay these panes are perfect for adding visual interest to pendants and earrings as well as any other beautiful jewelry pieces. It is also possible to use these texture ‘panes’ with fondant and other food products such as cookies, pie crust, etc. There is enough space around the design so that the design can be separated from the edge of the ‘pane’.

SIZE: 5 cm (2 inches) Square. 6mm thick. They are quite rigid.

ABOUT: These texture ‘panes’ are made from 6mm thick black acrylic. They are very durable, can be washed off with water, and leave a beautiful, clear, raised impression. This texture tool is designed for use with any fine clay, including Polymer Clay, various Metal Clays, and Porcelain or food product.

HOW TO USE: Evenly press clay or dough into the design to create a clear, crisp impression. The clay or dough can then easily be pulled away from the design leaving the pattern in the medium. It is easy to use the pattern as is, or to cut around the pattern with a blade. For polymer clays, sprayed water can be used as a release agent. For natural clays, flour can be used to keep the surface of the clay dry while the texture ‘pane’ is being used.

HOW TO CLEAN: The beveled cut of the stamp allows the stamp to release easily from any material (unless it is very wet). If clay does get stuck in the stamp, gently washing with warm water and/ or brushing with a soft toothbrush works well to clean the ‘pane’.

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