KRFL-032 Fine Line Acrylic Roller – Cracked Glass


The fine line KRFL rollers are made from black acrylic to create smooth and crisp designs in any fine clay. KRFL fine line rollers are 7.5 cm (3 inches) and the design face is 5 cm (2 inches).


The fine line KRFL cracked glass roller is made from black acrylic to create crisp designs in any fine clay, including polymer clay, precious metal clay, and porcelain. Rolling the cracked glass roller is an easy way to add unique textures to jewelry and clay creations. It is simple to roll long strips without the pattern breaks you get from stamping. Because the ends of the roller are smooth it makes it easy to roll the KRFL rollers on thickness cards. Rolling the KRFL is easy, use your fingers or the Kor Roller Board to create an even texture. The pattern is cut with a slight bevel allowing the rollers to release easily but we also recommend spritzing the polymer clay with water to aid in the release. If clay does get stuck in the rollers, gently brush with a soft toothbrush.

7.5 cm length, 5 cm design face, and 1 cm in diameter /
3 inch length, 2 inch design face, and 0.4 inch in diameter

Here is a link to see more KRFL Fine Line rollers


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